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15 feb. 2021
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid, except its not due to the winter storm! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about my big Fortnite announcement! Today I rank the best Fortnite Modes and LTMs of all time in a tier list! Hope you enjoy!
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  • Sorry if there's any issues. I'm new to this 😅

    SypherPKSypherPKAcum 16 Zile
    • Ok

      Mr extreme 123Mr extreme 123Acum 15 Zile
    • I have no power too

      Abdiel SalazarAbdiel SalazarAcum 16 Zile
    • @GS PlayzFN we dont give a fuck

      Amber PanganAmber PanganAcum 16 Zile
    • congrats Sypher

      fiery caskfiery caskAcum 16 Zile
    • Nah u did great keep up the grind u got this cypher

      Lavahound AndyLavahound AndyAcum 16 Zile

    CH4R SN1P3CH4R SN1P3Acum o Zi
  • Lol

    Zack KoehleZack KoehleAcum 5 Zile
  • Jk

    Zack KoehleZack KoehleAcum 5 Zile
  • I don't really care you click bait me all the time

    Zack KoehleZack KoehleAcum 5 Zile
  • He is losing weight

    Maloo FNMaloo FNAcum 5 Zile
  • SypherPK: *cant post* Also SypherPK: Gets some bunnies, gets a new hair cut, new car...

    Cayla's CornerCayla's CornerAcum 5 Zile
  • Super is great

    Eimear ReynoldsEimear ReynoldsAcum 6 Zile
  • SniperPk

    MackeyR8MackeyR8Acum 6 Zile
  • Texas gang

    Sophia :DSophia :DAcum 6 Zile
  • goodness you grew lol the first video i seen from you was you playing your Magicka Dragon Night on Elder Scrolls Online 😂 i think you had 16 thousand subscribers at the time, and it was like the last year you were living at your parents house to, but wow how times fly! You did so much between then and now Congrats bro you’re awesome 👍🏽💪🏽

    Davy LaowDavy LaowAcum 8 Zile
  • Wierd flex but ok... 😎😎😎😎😎

    got420feevergot420feeverAcum 8 Zile
  • The 5M sign really looks quite clean my guy

    TinTraxImoTinTraxImoAcum 9 Zile
  • Just another average day in canada

    Josiah CalebJosiah CalebAcum 9 Zile
  • I still watch sypher even tho I don’t play Fortnite and it’s still really entertaining.

    Nabeeha KhanNabeeha KhanAcum 9 Zile
  • Your the best

    Anav PatelAnav PatelAcum 9 Zile
  • Looks like spring in canada

    Neo0311Neo0311Acum 9 Zile
  • Sypher: its cold Canadians: eh? It is eh?

    Alpha likes cheeseAlpha likes cheeseAcum 9 Zile
  • the worst week of my life

    ibug ibugibug ibugAcum 9 Zile
  • Omg we have 12 inches of snow lol

    Ks PlayzKs PlayzAcum 9 Zile
  • I like your Videos

    Kayla SmithKayla SmithAcum 9 Zile
  • 0:32 is that an android user lol

    blobfishblobfishAcum 10 Zile
  • That’s nothing compared to where I live

    AidanAidanAcum 10 Zile
  • 5.03 congratulations

    spooks not so scarryspooks not so scarryAcum 10 Zile
  • Yeah we got here in oklahoma too

    random craprandom crapAcum 10 Zile
  • I live in Illinois and I feel you but I love snow

    [OATH] diseto[OATH] disetoAcum 10 Zile
  • Right there with you my friend. Here in Houston. No power and water all week long.

    EckoMunkyEckoMunkyAcum 10 Zile
  • Ifs Basic in finland. Santa Claus home land. Now its Texas time to get some snow

    Jari KorhonenJari KorhonenAcum 10 Zile
  • I had the power out and it was so cold and dark

    Julie SmithJulie SmithAcum 10 Zile
  • So the powers out but Alexa was turned on in the back ground at the end

    Chicken fungaiChicken fungaiAcum 10 Zile
  • The Logic merchhhh!!! Yooooo!!!!

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  • Congratulations on 5M Mark

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  • Somebody has been taking notes from shroud goes to walmart

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  • Dude we were out of water for like a week!!! Texas went loco for a minute there!

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  • CONGRATS man

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  • Go sypher!!!🔥

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  • All you need is a son mini junior pk

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  • Your welcome

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  • Np syhperpk u deserved it🙌🏽

    Team LopzyTeam LopzyAcum 11 Zile
  • Sypher Should have more subs whk agrees

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  • Stay safe Texans

    iTalkFootballiTalkFootballAcum 11 Zile
  • I live in the Waco area

    iTalkFootballiTalkFootballAcum 11 Zile
  • You got more snow than I did

    iTalkFootballiTalkFootballAcum 11 Zile
  • yea i live in san antonio texas its 🥶

    Raiden MurrayRaiden MurrayAcum 11 Zile
  • I had no water for a day

    iTalkFootballiTalkFootballAcum 11 Zile
  • Congrats🥳

    Teresa Ruiz-TagleTeresa Ruiz-TagleAcum 11 Zile
  • I life in texas

  • I think its funny how he is saying its cold and I'm like thats shorts weather for me

    Heather BinderHeather BinderAcum 11 Zile
  • Hey Sypher, congrats! It is also snowed in here in Mississippi, but my fam is going quite far today, so please send prayers that we make it back safely!

    BaconHairEli_09BaconHairEli_09Acum 11 Zile
  • That is want happened to me in upper usa

    Ethen CortevilleEthen CortevilleAcum 11 Zile
  • I’ll make you a special video

    Baby Yoda lover 777Baby Yoda lover 777Acum 11 Zile
  • Mate i cant play fortnite because of my internet😅

    Footy SpazFooty SpazAcum 11 Zile
  • Wow you live in Texas?! Definitely not the part I love in since you got a lot more snow than me but I had no idea you lived in Texas! I think I might remember you mentioning this before in a video now but anyways, love you and your videos, keep them up!

    MinervaetherMinervaetherAcum 11 Zile
  • Bruh

    InnitInnitAcum 11 Zile
  • ur welcome

    quietudequietudeAcum 12 Zile
  • Sypher look like he lost weight, and grew hair

    DollyDollyAcum 12 Zile
  • Sypher pls help us bring back fortnite sea servers

    Andrei BaulaAndrei BaulaAcum 12 Zile
  • Lol, should've have flown to wisconsin Sunday. It was a balmy -40 degrees out. But hey there's a reason people live down south lol. Grats on the 5 mil. Big guy

    Adam JamesonAdam JamesonAcum 12 Zile
  • I know what he is going through

    KeejitoKeejitoAcum 12 Zile
    • It’s a snowstorm I live in Tx we not have power four like 3 f ing days not to mention there is no water now sucks to live here

      KeejitoKeejitoAcum 12 Zile
    • What is it?

      MiniRoninMiniRoninAcum 12 Zile
  • yourE welcome loL

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  • 0:38 so cute

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  • I liked an subscribed an used code syperpk

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  • I like your video

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  • Hi

    Tryt PersonTryt PersonAcum 12 Zile
  • 5 million subs and the locker bundle both sabotaged by the winter storm. Congrats bro!

    Clayton Saint CyrClayton Saint CyrAcum 12 Zile
  • I does not snow were I live

    Adrian !Adrian !Acum 12 Zile
  • For me right now out side it is -40

    DUCKYDUCKYAcum 13 Zile
  • Im from houston its been literally the same thing

    CloiximCloiximAcum 13 Zile
  • while he is at 5 million i am at 0.......

    Muhammad KundiMuhammad KundiAcum 13 Zile
  • I am a canadian and also live in canada so snow is not a problem for me cause I am used to it

    Darth Panther 21Darth Panther 21Acum 13 Zile
  • Everybody is saying Texans are weak because it’s not even cold there it’s like 3 degrees

    bigbang08bigbang08Acum 13 Zile
  • Im a big fan of you sypher

    Thenusan SugathasanThenusan SugathasanAcum 13 Zile
  • Let’s get 5M views shall we

    SCR VolenSCR VolenAcum 13 Zile
  • You're Welcome ! 👍

    Emosho :DEmosho :DAcum 13 Zile
  • exactly sypher. exactly

    Gaming for botsGaming for botsAcum 13 Zile
  • That’s an awesome hoodie!

    SpurpySpurpyAcum 13 Zile
  • its ok sypher

    jhough0903jhough0903Acum 13 Zile
  • Omg I had no idea that you live in Texas I do too

    RandomMADNESSRandomMADNESSAcum 13 Zile
  • go live in Indiana then you have the right to complain😂 , love your vids PK

    thegoat4752thegoat4752Acum 13 Zile
  • i live in texas 2

    Ameer SaebAmeer SaebAcum 13 Zile
  • I'm in Texas too

    Latrel BabinoLatrel BabinoAcum 13 Zile
  • Congrats on 5mill keep the work up bro❤

    Harley FoxnorthHarley FoxnorthAcum 13 Zile
  • Ur the best Fortnite player ever

    Sam CaldwellSam CaldwellAcum 13 Zile
  • Isn’t Texas fun?

    Michael lodenMichael lodenAcum 13 Zile
  • Congrats on 5mill but dude tg needs a icon skin

    the goatthe goatAcum 13 Zile
  • make more flogs

    Alonso CarrascoAlonso CarrascoAcum 13 Zile
  • Congrats 5m

    Jaeden HarrisJaeden HarrisAcum 13 Zile
  • Congrats man!!!

    Hayden McDowellHayden McDowellAcum 13 Zile
  • So you live in texas Me too and I just got my electricity ⚡️ yesterday but not my wifi :/

    JoThePro 25JoThePro 25Acum 13 Zile
  • Yo you got 5m subs and this vid got 1M views OMG

  • Congrats

    Dw BaseballDw BaseballAcum 13 Zile
  • Tickets sold before 6mil

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  • Congrats man

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  • wait a min is that logic merch from the no pressure album?😀😀😀😀

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  • Let me tell you something we don’t care (No hate I just thought it would be funny)

    Chipper lolChipper lolAcum 13 Zile
  • Congrats! You’ve reached 1 now what about the icon series skin 😉😏😏

    BreezyBreezyAcum 13 Zile
  • Congrats man, I am happy for you as I have been a fan since 1k subs, happy for you man!

    Jack PermannJack PermannAcum 13 Zile
  • And you should do a house Tour some day lol

    Isaac GillinghamIsaac GillinghamAcum 13 Zile
  • Congrats on 5M

    Isaac GillinghamIsaac GillinghamAcum 13 Zile
  • Congrats on 5 mil man. You deserve it. Keep up the grind.

    Aaron BotvinikAaron BotvinikAcum 13 Zile