WE WON A FORTNITE TOURNAMENT! ft. Typical Gamer & Ranger

25 ian. 2021
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about when we check out a new shotgun in fortnite season 5.. Today I WON A FORTNITE TOURNAMENT with Typical gamer aka TG Plays! Hope you enjoy!
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    Norma SmithNorma SmithAcum 16 ore
  • Can you add me

    Rachel Borodaj-StahlRachel Borodaj-StahlAcum o Zi
  • Your building is so trash

    Uchiha GamingUchiha GamingAcum 7 Zile
  • Typher

    VcrazyVcrazyAcum 8 Zile
  • No energy drinks help you you're a liar

    C VC VAcum 9 Zile
  • Syphor shut up we all know you get paid to say that

    Michael BMichael BAcum 11 Zile
  • Hey can I add you i been watching you since you start fortnite

    SlamdunkbraidenSlamdunkbraidenAcum 14 Zile
  • K bet

    Puppy pal boyPuppy pal boyAcum 14 Zile
  • You guys fried the last few teams. Jeez that was impressive.

    Priyan SubramanianPriyan SubramanianAcum 15 Zile
  • I pray Who ever reads this becomes succesful in Life

    1 Sub before 2069?1 Sub before 2069?Acum 16 Zile
  • U make it sound easy

    Lol fortnite and roblox gamer AvasafianLol fortnite and roblox gamer AvasafianAcum 17 Zile
  • Will sypher give my comment a heart

    Tyson NaifkaTyson NaifkaAcum 17 Zile
  • Road to 5 Million!

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  • soo is this your new trio would be lit if wass

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  • hope you become to 5m soon

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  • Dude! Don't sell yourself. You don't wanna go that path... I started watching but after 27 sec you totally lost me... Energy and mental focus?? A bit disappointed!

    SweMexSweMexAcum 26 Zile
  • he has started to look so very slim !

    Devil KarazooDevil KarazooAcum 27 Zile
  • When the 1v1

    Heinrich MaraisHeinrich MaraisAcum 29 Zile
  • Legendary win! That XP sports drink must really give you the edge! :p

    Noah ParkerNoah ParkerAcum lună
  • im commenting for no reason

    Fortnite HabitatFortnite HabitatAcum lună
  • Did you get 1st

    David AkubardiyaDavid AkubardiyaAcum lună
  • Okay but you didn’t win this tournament

    lover boylover boyAcum lună
  • Hola sypher soy español me agregas mi id es TheNewMiguel32

    jordi font nisajordi font nisaAcum lună
  • wow

    Zerky yZerky yAcum lună
  • Hi Sypher! I've been following TG for about five years and I've been following ranger for about three! I think you're a good player and now that I know that you stream I will follow you too! 🤗

    Melissa Porksteak84 HudsonMelissa Porksteak84 HudsonAcum lună
  • 1:20 I’m getting some nicmercs vibes rn😂

    peaky Khanpeaky KhanAcum lună
  • Me

    Daily Dose Of ContentDaily Dose Of ContentAcum lună
  • Bro, Sypher has lost SOOO much weight

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  • Bro the product placement 🤦🏽‍♂️

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  • clickbait ma dude :(

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  • Me

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  • Sypher should play with fresh and lazerbeam

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  • Love XP Sports, soo good.

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  • oh no no

    Kym LutuiKym LutuiAcum lună
  • Your losing weight big dawg

    Ishmael GabrielIshmael GabrielAcum lună
  • Carried

    ScrubbyScrubbyAcum lună
  • Fuckkkk epic

    TripledTripledAcum lună
  • I hate typical so much

    Bolt otsutskiBolt otsutskiAcum lună
  • but did they win or no im confused

    dxXRαIDERXxbdxXRαIDERXxbAcum lună

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  • I love you sypher and i also play fortnite i watch every video of you sypher pk❤️

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  • Who else loves Syphers videos?

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  • Me

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  • 3:56 lol.

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  • 1v1 Noah or sypher to scared

    V1SION FL1XV1SION FL1XAcum lună
  • The smoothest advertisement I've seen

    FrogurtFrogurtAcum lună
  • Hopefully all them haters shut their mouth about cyphers skill

    ZedZedAcum lună
  • sypher do be hittin the gym though

    HYPE_ BeastHYPE_ BeastAcum lună
  • TG carried him, sypher is dog water

    AllSnipezBTWAllSnipezBTWAcum lună
    • Ranger carried sypher and tg lmao 🤣

  • i think a good trio would be tg plays and nick eh 30 an sypher pk

    Rachel ShingooseRachel ShingooseAcum lună
  • I watch sypher every day but I never comment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Rex ParkerRex ParkerAcum lună
  • you are still bad

    Garrett RussoGarrett RussoAcum lună
  • Only 8 minutes bro where is the other 180 points of content :(

    ThatKnifeKidThatKnifeKidAcum lună
  • You have to clickbait winning a tournament that almost every pro wasn't playing, because of dreamhack, to get views? cmon Sypher

    Rari LakeRari LakeAcum lună
  • Sypher gonna get clapped by typical gamer

    Fruit FightFruit FightAcum lună
  • And Wan

    Dillon EmeribeDillon EmeribeAcum lună
  • Sypherpk only one left from og clan RESPECT! Still playing Fortnite from Ch1S3 😁😁✌✌

    PanndozPanndozAcum lună
  • Np

    Joseph MauceriJoseph MauceriAcum lună

    V y b e sV y b e sAcum lună
  • I do

    Jordy ClarkeJordy ClarkeAcum lună
  • SypherPK and nick eh 30 and typical gamer should play duos

    Denise WelchDenise WelchAcum lună
  • wheres the noahsnoah 1v1

  • Dead game

    RecordBreakerzRecordBreakerzAcum lună
  • I like how it’s not even na east

    The OcelotThe OcelotAcum lună
  • how much money did they give sphyer for the promotion

    Bradlee ClarkeBradlee ClarkeAcum lună
  • DDR

    KT FNKT FNAcum lună
  • i love your hair

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  • هلا

    إسطوره ١٠إسطوره ١٠Acum lună
  • look'n like a goomba with that hair

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  • Guuummmmieeeesss

    Saam KianmaneshSaam KianmaneshAcum lună
  • damn 2nd place. still good good job

    BluezixBluezixAcum lună
  • why tf did these people try winning a tournament that the prize is recognition they don’t need this, this “ bragging rights” tournament was set up and its soul purpose is to make smaller creators and underrated pros more recognized

    Linda YerLinda YerAcum lună
    • Linda Yer "underrated pros" clearly they're related correctly if they couldn't beat a couple content creators

      Nick FriesenNick FriesenAcum lună
  • I subbed with notif imma wait for the 1v1

    BytraxAmmarBytraxAmmarAcum lună
  • Not me

  • Is noahsnoah a joke to you and plz stop promoting bang dont care

    Ian K Gerena SantiagoIan K Gerena SantiagoAcum lună
  • All the kids who think sypher is the best player are so happy rn

    WoKe PandolfWoKe PandolfAcum lună
  • Who watching in school on your ipad

    MarcelB BrooksMarcelB BrooksAcum lună
  • Is sypher getting back in tournament?🤔

    Banx LaurBanx LaurAcum lună
  • Sypher, y’all did pretty good! Y’all should keep doing these tournaments 👀

    LavaRaidLavaRaidAcum lună
  • why do big youtubers play bragging rights tournament smh the whole point is for small creators to get a shoutout

    prod. zarpprod. zarpAcum lună
  • hey

  • Hello

    Harrison AbacHarrison AbacAcum lună
  • I haven't seen sypher this sweaty in a long time...

    mackymarkymark13 !mackymarkymark13 !Acum lună
  • Sellout

    HighXYHighXYAcum lună
  • You placed 2nd

    Glizzy TropsGlizzy TropsAcum lună
  • Dude there is no point for sypher to play this tournament he already has recognition whats the point of getting a shoutout?

    Ahmed HatataAhmed HatataAcum lună
  • Hello sypher can you gift me

    kalsoom khankalsoom khanAcum lună
  • Me = how does he play while using both his hands there Chat = He has another pair of hands After advertisement of the juice h started playin again

  • Bro noooooooo

    Alexis ZapaiAlexis ZapaiAcum lună
  • Ranger; why am i not on this picture of vedio

    Babar HyattBabar HyattAcum lună
  • When he and his team plays i remember me and my three mates also use to play tournaments

    Babar HyattBabar HyattAcum lună
  • Gonna watch the NoahsNoah 1v1 on paperview

    Exotic23Exotic23Acum lună
  • I wanna see sypher 1v1 boomer fortnite players, like Tg, upshall, nick eh 30; throw ninja and nickmercs in the mix, defeating all the legendary fn dinosaurs.

    Wilder BryantWilder BryantAcum lună
  • You didn't win though

    swaggr AICswaggr AICAcum lună
  • If it’s 0 calories I’m defenetly copping

    perifoloperifoloAcum lună
  • The diligent squid directly rule because brass originally injure beyond a disgusting sparrow. super, irritating guide

    Oday AhmadOday AhmadAcum lună
  • Why didn't u make it like 20 mins so we acc see the other game

    ToAkeyyToAkeyyAcum lună
  • West or East server?

    veeti Lepojärviveeti LepojärviAcum lună
  • Lets go